32d Annual Cantata Choir

Dear Dear 2018 Choir!

Our first rehearsal for the 2018 season will be at Joyful Servant Lutheran church in Newberg on Monday, Oct. 1st at 7:00pm. Please bring calendars and checkbooks 🙂

If you cannot attend Monday, PLEASE CONTACT ME. Come for rehearsal #2 the next Monday, October 8.

We are still under-staffed in the tenor & bass departments. Please share the joy of this ministry among your singing friends! We need their involvement! Please also invite young people for our Youth Chorus, & we could make good use of instrumentalists who are good with brass & strings.

We have not begun to prepare rehearsal trax & the orchestration isn’t printed, but it’s exciting that our songbooks & peripheral materials did arrive yesterday!

Please find yourself one or more Prayer Partners to support you & the choir in this endeavor! Ask them to pray that others, particularly tenors & basses, find their way to our ministry. They can also pray for your good health, patience & persistence in your commitment to be part of this organization. And they are very welcome to pray for us as your leaders, too!

There are invitations from 4 churches already in-hand! If your organization wants to invite us, now is the time! On Monday, we’ll have a conflict calendar to pass around so we can begin to discern who is present & when. God bless you all!

You can click here to see the season kickoff message.

God bless you all!
Lee & Linda