From the Christmas, 2015 audience and choir members

  • Kraig Ludwig, Energy & Food Svcs Dir, YCAP – From all of us here at YCAP – Thank you [to all the] members of the choir and support team for the wonderful dedication, commitment and partnership the Community Cantata Choir brings with assisting YCAP serving those less fortunate here in Yamhill County. You all made a difference. I’m just sad that I missed so many years of attending previous performances. Wow did I miss out. This is my third year of attending and I’m looking forward to next year already.
  • Jeff Sargent, Exec Dir, YCAP – Please share with the entire choir, musicians and ASL interpreters how moved and inspired I was by their performances and their generosity. All three of the performances I enjoyed gave me something different, and I looked forward to each one. Their and your gifts expressed in ministry, in celebration, and to benefit YCAP so significantly is deeply appreciated. An unforgettable season! Blessings and thank you.
  • Thank you so much for gracing us with God’s special message through the gift of music! What good and awesome news to share. We truly appreciate the distance you went to sing for us in Beaverton! It was a wonderful evening. May God bless you all in 2016 and may the message of God’s love reach all those who hunger. Much love!
  • A singer’s ‘Cantata Cliff’s Notes’:
    Emanuel our God is with us … Let there be joy, … hope, … light.
    Christ is born for you! Let there be love, … peace …
    When the little baby boy was born…born to save us all. You are salvation…joy of the earth, restoration comes, Hope of the Broken World. You are making all things right.
    He is the almighty God and the Son of Man. He is the Great I AM! Glory to God in the Highest!
    See His face; this is God; God sent Himself for all to see. What a gift of grace!
    Why me? Why Him? Why here? … simple man, ordinary girl … strange way to save the world…
    the world would be different ’cause You were alive …
    the love of the Father revealed to mankind, to a world that was hopelessly lost in the night … God must have known that we needed a Savior … knew my heart, the guilt … the darkness I was living in. And He reached down where I could see and whispered … Let There Be Light!
    GOD … LOVES … YOU … SO … MUCH!!! He came NOT because any of us were perfect, but because we WEREN’T. He came not to condemn but to heal and restore people. His words to us are to love Him and our neighbor … What Will You Do With Jesus? What will your answer be? … I have come to give You, Lord, a praise offering … What will You do with me?
  • God has answered our circle prayers that He would be present.
    I could say it was your fault for mentioning all the hands that help and that was what struck me the past few nights. It is not just the hands but the personal commitment and responsibility taken on by this group to be there. Your eyes tell the stories as they jump. From the first down beat and there are the bells jingling and the instruments, another down beat and the flute is there, another the narrator starts, another and 3 beats the choir is in, always the silent choir, and later the kids choir, people jumped in to help Steve with the sound, and people came off of the risers to adopt tubs, become roadies, or, or, or …. Every need has been covered.
    It could be said that you have been demoted to assistant director and God has taken over. You couldn’t have wanted to be replaced by or worked yourself out of a job with a better outcome. The last nights, you were walking around working on sound, etc. and the instruments started and the choir was singing along on auto-pilot allowing sound checking and refreshing the words and notes for the evening. There was the smooth flow as soloists move to the front and back, and kids came in, Beth moved, Kathy moved to replace her, and then out.
    “Do you SEE what I SEE? Do you HEAR what I HEAR? Do you FEEL what I feel?” Maybe the “seeing” is God in action through us, the “hearing” our voices supporting each other in song and action. And our “feeling,” the love and grace of God spread like a 4 year old spreads peanut butter-all over everything. Enjoy the mess! We asked for it.