2008 Testimonials


2008 Testimonials

From the 2008 audiences:

"Greetings ~ We came to a Christmas Cantata. We received the gift of Easter Resurrection in a personal dedication of the concert in the ambiance of the community of "Joyful Servant". The unity of the Choir, not alone in music (that is obvious), but in spirit, reflecting the varied faith traditions they represent, it just embraces all of us privileged to be a part of the offering."

"We can only imagine the number of ‘rehearsal miles’ driven, the planning, arranging, venue negotiations, equipment procurement, set-ups, storage … a panorama of technical and God-blessed service, skills and talent. It is a true witness, a blend of vision brought down to hundreds of details and this year the unique gift of changing times and postponements."

"You truly build a blessing for your state missions of Music, Message and Service. And it must be added: The children were magnificent and you utilized the gift of microphone SUPERBLY to magnify their voices and balance. The ‘passion’ and ‘pulse’ and spirit of JOY simply radiated with a gentle and invigorating strength! All of you are gifts of talent. Lee and Linda, your SUPERB gift is to blend the gifts of all into a really powerful and united group."

"As our grandchildren expressed, "Wow, that was great!" To generations, we join in the gift of this Christmas and the eternity of Easter. THANKS BE TO GOD for our joy in faith."

From the 2008 choir:

"It has indeed been a true blessing and honor to rehearse and perform with such a quality group of people led by a true spiritual and accomplished leader such as yourself. Just the music/lyrics of the cantata has had an effect on me in a very positive way. It has given me hope again, something I have not had in awhile. I find myself smiling during the entire run through of songs (here at home rehearsing), and am thankful for all of you and of course our Savior ! After these 57 years I finally realize the true meaning of Christmas, the rest is just commercial broohaha which we could all live without, well maybe not our children!"