2010 Testimonials


From the 2010 audience and choir members

  • The “Voices of Christmas” was beautiful beyond belief. Fantastic.

  • Once again … an embrace of Gospel (good news!). Thank you to yourselves and your mutual ministers for the … now a part of our Advent / Christmas Journey … Community Cantata Choir offering. Our privilege to absorb the soul of your lives of faith was on Friday evening, December 17th at First Presbyterian Church in McMinnville.
    Blessed by God with instrumental – vocal – bell ringing gifts, you take the gifts of both and in quiet patience lift them into an extra-ordinary gift to all of us!! You are all ministers sharing – serving the Gospel of good news … thank you!
    We embrace so many areas with such gratitude … this year’s offering conveyed some beautifully distinct dimensions …

    * the emotional touch – recognition – witness that for many this season can be filled with poignant reminders of mortality – pain – the focus on God coming in the midst of our reality;
    * in a mechanical affirmation … the ability to develop the distinct gifts of your faith … to have a cantata that showed the gifts of … an incredibly creative narrator (we cracked up at the “Jewish” guy … Zachariah) … a cello, a trombone, a flute [with piano, synth, guitar, violin, bass, hand bells and drums] … an eclectic dimension … fabulous … all focused in its proclamation!

    We could go on and on in our gratitude .. above all, thank you to yourselves … your family … and yes … the electronics support folk (your group uses microphones as well as any we have seen in this area) … THANKS … for your time … your sharing your gifts … may the spirit of Christmas bring you peace. Merry Christmas.
    Signed by a retired Lutheran pastor & his wife


  • Published: December 11, 2010

    Cantata well worth a listen this season

    I had the pleasure of attending a performance of the 2010 Community Christmas Cantata. I hope you will get to hear it, too.

    Called “Voices of Christmas,” the cantata features a variety of Christmas music performed by an adult choir, children’s choir, assorted instrumentalists and even an American Sign Language choir. The latter had me mesmerized as members conveyed, silently, every nuance of the songs.

    A friend in the cantata choir told me the rehearsals and performances take up a lot of time. But he finds it well worth it, because it gives him a chance to deliver a message about the real meaning of Christmas – something that’s too often forgotten in the mad rush to shop and mail and decorate at this time of year.

    All are free, but feature a goodwill offering to benefit the Yamhill County Food Bank.

    The cantata lasts about an hour. The good feeling you’ll receive from hearing it will last much longer.

    Starla Pointer
    Education Reporter & Stopping By Columnist
    Yamhill Valley News Register


  • You said earlier in the season that God would enable this ministry, and I believe that He has. I have received so many words of appreciation from the people who heard us at Carlton CC. Their words tell me that they were reached at that deeper, “God” level, and not just showing us their response. In addition, I feel every time we line up that we are taking the word of God with us. The folks in the seats are the folks God sent there, you may be sure.

    We didn’t raise anywhere near $1,000 at Carlton, but the folks at Joseph’s Storehouse are ecstatic with what they can do with the $325 they did receive. So I would say let God continue to work through us as we work on our delivery. – Jean M.


  • Wow! What a treat! Fred and I went to Sherwood to hear the Christmas Cantata, “Voices of Christmas” last night, since we won’t be able to attend when they come to JSLC. They were just fantastic! The singers, the musicians, the narration, the children, the “signing” folks (5 of them)- all bringing the message of joy and love come to earth at Christmas. It gave us “goose bumps” and it was truly a blessing to be there! We hope you all can get to one of their performances/worship experiences, especially on Sunday, Dec. 12th, at 4 pm at JSLC. If you want to give a special gift to a friend, bring them along. We guarantee you’ll be blessed! Kudos and great thanks to all who are involved.
    Fred and Kay Koudele

  • What a gift! The cantata was all we had hoped for, and we were blessed by it. God surely smiles at all your efforts. It staggers the mind to think how many hours have gone into this ministry. Thank you for allowing God’s love to shine through you all!