2012 Testimonials


From the Christmas, 2012 audience and choir members

  • From a member of this season’s choir: “I hope you are all surrounded by loved ones during this time. I keep thinking of all the families we’ve helped to have a brighter, better fed Christmas season. I feel so blessed with all I’ve been given and to be able to give a little back in such a joyous way just makes me feel even more blessed. I so appreciate being part of such a dedicated, giving group of people. Thank you, my cantata family! Best wishes for a peaceful, harmonic 2013.”

  • From a Joyful Servant audience member: “The performance was very beautiful and so inspiring! I was so thrilled … was great.

  • WOW ~ earlier tonight (St. John Lutheran Church, 12/12/12) ~ An embrace of continuing gratitude – respect – awe for your faith, and for your gift to our area … Thank you! From a general perspective … you ALL are an amazing TEAM … instruments … electronic support … bell ringing … soloists … director … all in a synchronization that … makes it happen.

  • From an audience member at St. James in McMinnville: “Thank you so much for inviting us to the cantata…My eleven year old son and I attended Friday night at St James…it was very beautiful!”

  • Thank You Again for your choir’s passion in voicing our Redeemer’s Birth!
    Hope you and yours have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year!

    A quiet endorsement from all of the “ordinary talents” of this world. You have a combination of extra-ordinary and talented folk who (see previous on ‘team’) combine with so many to give a profound dimension to the fact that the message is truly “through us” … as you witness to the fact God so loved the world he “became flesh” … our lives are a living witness to the respect / love / awe for God ~ Christ we can share when in our music ~ our gifts … we give it flesh ~ life!

    I utilize one of my favorite phrases as I have been privileged to be in “team” ministry most of my life … as one of those “ordinary” talents … I would embrace my colleagues and say: “I have the passion ~ sincerity … thanks for making it happen” … all of you, the super talented ~ the sincere-passion … combine to “make it happen” … WOW.

    Some quick observations ~
    ~ The Young Girl … I thought was a great “Gospel” singer ~ what a gift … from choral to “Gospel” … she ROCKS!
    ~ “Cantatas” … over the years they are evolving … THIS was / is one of the finest we have heard ~ substantive in text … absolutely compelling in music … Good luck, Lee, in ever topping it!

    Blessings to all … a profound ministry … food for faith in the marvelous marriage to “food” (YCAP) for lives … spiritual and physical … that is Christmas … “word became flesh”. Blessings.

  • From one of the choir’s former male soloists …It was absolutely wonderful last night!

  • Thanks to you and all the members for your hard work and wonderful service. I am pleased to confirm that a total of $873.65 was donated. A check for $200.00 will be forwarded to YCAP (it was made out to YCAP) and the balance will be given to the Grand Sheramina food bank.

    It was wonderful to see such a large turnout. Thank you again and our thanks to each and every person that made this happen. – Julie Schumann

  • From one of the choir’s former soprano soloists …My family and I came to your first concert of the season on Nov.30th. I just wanted to let you know that everyone, from the choir to the musicians to the ASL signers did a great job! We were very blessed and my boys who are 7 and 5 want to be in the kids choir next year. I sang in the choir several years ago and had such a good time. Thank you again for all the hard work and time you, and all involved put into this concert series every year!

  • “So many of us in Sherwood are looking forward again this year to your uplifting performance at St. Paul Lutheran Church. Please also accept my sincere personal thanks and appreciation to all of the members of the Community Cantata Choir for all that you and they all do each year to make these concerts a wonderful reality and a special blessing.

    The Community Cantata Choir has become an important part of my and so many other folks’ Advent preparation and my Christmas Joy. So, please share my heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation with all of the members of the Choir. – Christmas Greetings, Walt Meinhart”