2013 testimonials


From the Christmas, 2013 audience and choir members

  • I can’t express enough how wonderful this gift of music, time and treasure is. That … you are committed to this program year after year, and continue to bring energy, joy, talent and passion overwhelms me. I enjoyed going to the first performance and kicking off my Christmas season with a Hallelujah, and have been singing some of the songs ever since. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU for what you have put together with the community and for the community. Happy Christmas to … you, and enjoy some rest and hot tea to sooth your throats.

  • Thanks so much to the Cantata members. You delight so many with the wonderful music and benefit so many more with the donation to the food bank. Donations of food are great but there are too many things we simply have to buy so money is like the gift of gold to the food bank. Please let your Cantata members know how much we appreciate their continued support of the food bank.

  • It was a privilege and honor to participate in this season’s program. What a great team! I have so much love in my heart for all these wonderful people. I’m going to miss all of you so very much. Hope to see you all next year!

  • I enjoyed the choir so much this year! I was bummed I couldn’t be a part if it, but watching my son was such a blessing! Thank you for your prayers for him and working with him. This ministry is a blessing in many ways! God bless you all. May you have a Merry Christmas!

  • I just finished listening to the “Love Came Down” CD. It sure brings back such wonderful memories. Tomorrow night is the choir’s final performance this season. I know that the choir has undoubtedly blessed countless people this year.
    Thanks for all you do. I sure wish I was there to sing with ya’ll. 🙂

  • Although I am unable to join you this year, I just want to say thank you for once again providing such joy to the community through the Christmas Cantata and for helping the food bank. You and the choir are just fabulous!!!

  • The cantata was wonderful last Wednesday evening and just what I needed to start this blessed Christmas season. I wish you and your families a quiet and peaceful Christmas.

  • I want to reiterate tonight … what an incredible community of worship you have created, and I thank you for the chance to participate. Thank you also for serving God in the hungriest. God bless.

  • Dear choir,
    What Joy! Thank you for your giving hearts. Your generosity blessed my heart and my Christmas season. The music, the words, the voices and the message reminded me how important it is to focus on the reason we celebrate Christmas.

    And the performance helped my heart rejoice that Christ is coming again. The Last Noel! What a comfort your messages bring. Thank you for being one of Christ’s voices and sacrificial examples.

    What an Inspiration! What a Joy! Thank you!

  • My compliments for the fantastic sing on Sunday at Yamhill. Zoweeee!!!!!! really enjoyed the cantata. It was fun to watch the ASL choir, and be able to listen to the beautiful voices.
    Miss singing with you guys, but truly feel it was time. God bless and care for you.

  • True “ministry team” Thank you for being that gift to our lives in respected friendship. But this is focused on your ministry team: You touched our lives today with delightful spirit and inner joy. Gratitude for your team of witnesses. Simple words from our souls … WE LOVE “A Merry Clydesdale Christmas”.

    Some rather general quick specifics:
    Deborah is an amazing pianist. Her pre- and post-worship music, the skill used to God’s glory is not simply interpretive, but we feel it came from her inner soul of faith … WOW.
    Jordan Baily, ever since a couple of Gallery Theater appearances and one loved special program. From the first time we saw / heard her we gasped with wonder. Today, seeing her with the choir, sensing the music of faith, we are fans, groupies. She is fabulous!
    All your ministry team is so remarkable. Instrumentals, piano – so quality, so supportive. Blending / responding – a blessing.

    The ASL choir is amazing and so profound to see a choir, not the usual solo. Your ministry team of gracious glory.

    Your use of electronics to aid, supply and accent. Not only do they accent the great gifts of your team. We say a prayer for all the lugging, set ups and checks to keep you all plugging along.

    The choir is so balanced this year. Their gift of talent praising Christ, but the great gift – it is from their souls.

    So much, we REALLY enjoyed the creative use of “home”, “bells”, “Noel” and “Hallelujah”, an embrace of all the incredible expressions, creative in offering, eclectic in musical style all focused on the foundation. Above all, THANKS BE TO GOD. And for crying out loud, Lee, great internals, but drop the “full load riser” joke cracked us up, but be careful. God bless. LOVE CHRIST. LOVE YA.