2014 Testimonials


From the Christmas, 2014 audience and choir members

  • The singing- your passionate leading…is a gift to the lives of your ministry of music. YCAP and the community are blessed by your willingness to share…mot just voices and music, but your souls- your winsome and eclectic pluralities.

    We seem to write annually…a specialized note beyond the music….we gratefully received –admired-spoke of the sheer sacrifice of giving… hours at rehearsal and NINE…offerings…commute…visit with guests…pack…unpack risers…electronics- a massive task…ALL in December- NINE…WOW!

    Two special “notes” this year-
    #1 The Youth Chorus…wow…the amazing gifts…with several … that gift- both personal/technical…sheer wonder.
    #2 The ASL Choir…we have never witnessed anything – astounding- -the flow of the music, solos, chorus…gave such dimension. To accent it…surreal time, I mentally turned off the sound … to observe.

    Also, to paraphrase…now about hours, talent and money, and the greatest of these???

    Nah, not money. Yes, we gave our quarterly pledge to YCAP via your group…but accept the minor small gift as our small way of saying THANKS

    Audience 12/5/14

  • The best one ever!! ‘Course we say that every year. Really, I didn’t want it to end! Thank you SO much.

    The effort you put into this ministry is awesome and so inspiring. Would that we all use our gifts in such a way – what a world it would be!

    Windi and [Lorna] were wonderful. Windi gets better and better ….

    Again- you really bring the Christmas spirit into our hearts and minds. Thank you!!

  • My wife, two of our daughters & my granddaughter attended the event at St. James Catholic Church yesterday evening. What a wonderful story & celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ told through your music program. It was very well done & we were all blessed by it. I didn’t know what to expect, but it far exceeded my imaginings. Extremely talented group. Thank you for the invitation and for blessing us with such a wonderful program.