2006 Testimonials


2006 Testimonials


From the 2006 audiences:

"I can’t tell you how much of a blessing the concerts are in my life, as well as to the Food Bank. I truly believe that God’s spirit is working through the cantata, the choir and your spirit of giving in many more ways than just the gift of your offering." Tricia Harrop of Yamhill County Food Bank.

From a well-known local band director: "I have enjoyed your choir several times on TV this season. … Thank you."

"A grateful thanks – thanks to … all the singers, musicians, sound folk and ALL your family, including the offering touch of the spirited-gentle grand-daughter!"

"We were privileged to be the recipients of your "Canticle of Christmas" offering last evening (12/6/06) and were blessed by it – again this year."

"We thank you for … [sensitive] utilization of a superb sound system, a powerful blending of foundation accompaniment of your singers, amazing interpretation of percussion, synthesizer and bass, accenting the singers, piano as well, without getting in the way of the soul-touch expression of the singers. It is a balance-blend we commend."

"Our blessing, respect, gratitude pour out."

&#Cantata Over the Top! …bringing the total to $7,012.32 for the season! This money will go to YCAP to buy food that will be distributed to the area Food Pantrys. By the way, $7,012.32 will purchase approximately 35 TONS of food (at 10-cents per pound)! Thank you to those involved with the Christmas Cantata Ministry! God is good! Have a blessed Christmas.”

David Hakola, Dayton Community Food Bank "A special thank you for the life you pour into a season celebrated with worship. What you do takes a lot of time that could be used in different places. Thank you, for what you do is great."

From the 2006 choir:

"How can I say ‘thanks!’ … Well, I’m ‘in harness’ and ready to roll into spring."