2021 Cantata Choir

Thank you for our 2021 Christmas Cantata season! It’s already been a month since our final program (of six) at St. James Catholic in McMinnville. How time races by! Only 37 weeks from now, we’ll begin rehearsing for season #36! (Please mark your 2022 calendars for Monday, October 3!)

A few days ago, we were humbled with the announcement of total 2021 giving “through the Cantata Choir” for local hunger ministries. Coming out of the 2019 season, with season-giving well in excess of $20,000, we were challenged with the “virtual” nature of our “best-of” 2020 season posted online-only. Our goal was to “keep our foot in the door” so participants & venues would be enthused for our eventual return.

Needless to say, we were thrilled that our communities responded during 2020 with giving of more than $16,000, & that was without a single rehearsal, without buying & learning the music or any of the other activities that accompany a “live” season!

The challenges of our 2021 season, our 35th, were no less great. We were faced with the needs to keep our participants & audiences safe. Some would not sing unless all were masked. Some would not sing unless we could be unmasked. We didn’t have enough interest among youngsters & parents to put together a Youth Chorus & our adult choir numbered about 35% of usual. It seemed like a no-win situation, but the Lord had different plans in mind.

It was a wonderful season. Audiences were very anxious for the Choir to return in-person! The music was tremendous. We adapted as necessary to the circumstances & The Message definitely prevailed!

The “total giving” announcement hinted above humbled & thrilled. The 2021 total to-date exceeds $21,000! The total given through the Choir from the time we adopted this ministry in 2004 is now in the neighborhood of $255,000! Just imagine how much food that has purchased! The “seed” planted in 2003 when the Dayton pastor was excited by an offering of $161 for their local food bank has truly blossomed beautifully! To God be all the glory!

Thank you for your involvement & encouragement. Thank you for your patience & commitment. Thank you for your sacrifice & love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! We’ll see you again in a few months!

Linda & Lee Schrepel, Directors on behalf of the 2021 Community Cantata Choir in season #35