2022 Cantata Choir

The 2022 Community Cantata Choir is inviting & welcoming adult & youth singers, instrumentalists (bass, brass & strings) & a narrator for season #36. Our group is non-denominational & cross-generational, belonging to no particular entity & hailing from around a dozen communities in Yamhill & surrounding counties.

The Youth Chorus is generally a half-dozen +/- children who can hold a tune & perform nicely in front of an audience. They’re led by another individual & sing 1-3 songs, sometimes with the adults or alone.

The ASL Choir is ‘based’ at WOU in Monmouth. They are an enthusiastic group of highly proficient interpreters who love to be involved with us.

The adult choir is usually 20+ folks & the youth chorus 4-8 kids. We are accompanied by a live mini-orchestra. The material is described as of intermediate difficulty.

We rehearse at Joyful Servant Lutheran, 1716 N Villa Rd, Newberg.

  • Mondays, 7-9pm, in October & November (from October 3).
  • Saturdays, 9:30am-noon, in November.

We are recruiting now for all sections (S1,S2,A1,A2,T,B) with particular emphasis upon basses & solo-capable tenors. Auditions are only for soloists & narrator.

We’re all volunteers. Participants pay a nominal amount for their materials. Material can include any (or all) of the following:

  • Songbook.
  • Listening CD (a recording of a studio choir doing our music).
  • Rehearsal trax CD (a recording highlighting YOUR section, with all else in the background).

As the choir begins rehearsals, we circulate a ‘conflict calendar’ to help me anticipate absences & to guide me in considering when it’s appropriate to accept venue invitations. Come the end of November, after 12-13 rehearsal opportunities, we’re ‘road-ready’. We sing ‘around the area’ in response to invitations roughly during the period 11/27-12/22.

  • When on a week night, it’s at 7PM.
  • On Saturdays, it’s afternoon or evening.
  • On Sundays, it’s generally afternoon.

We already have some invitations in the hopper, but won’t accept anything until we have a sense of individual availabilities. We can’t accept something we can’t fulfill, particularly if we have an absent key singer or instrumentalist. At most, we will present our cantata 8-10 times in December. Current invitations:

  • Christian, Amity (usually a Sunday afternoon)
  • First Baptist, Dayton (usually an evening)
  • Joyful Servant Lutheran, Newberg (12/17, afternoon)
  • Seventh Day Adventist, McMinnville (usually a Sunday afternoon)
  • St James Catholic, McMinnville (12/20, evening)

A free-will offering is taken at the end of each presentation. All offering proceeds go to the local food bank. The choir does not receive a cent from the offerings! We are excited to report that the choir’s Christmas programs have resulted in about a quarter-million dollars in contributions for our local food bank!

Please feel free to reach out for details:
Lee Schrepel, Director
Community Cantata Choir